We, at UCL’s Institute of Brand and Innovation Law, invited Amanda to become a Visiting Professor for a very good reason: she has extraordinary talents. They include:

(1) a deep knowledge and understanding not merely of copyright law but of the creative industries and how they actually work in the world;

(2) a unique range of contacts within the world of copyright – she makes friends so easily;

(3) huge energy which enabled her to devise and run what I think is the most insightful course on Privacy and Copyright in the world; and

(4) splendid teaching skills.

She is a top go-to person with any copyright problem, national or international, involving the creative industries.

Rt. Hon. Sir Robin Jacob

Hugh Laddie Professor of Intellectual Property

University College London and a former Lord Justice of Appeal

Amanda Harcourt is extraordinary. I’m a TV drama director, had a reasonable grasp of my rights, and then I met her. I have learned SO much. Her passion for protecting and lobbying for artist’s rights, together with her ability to make the trickiest of subjects accessible, all with humour - makes her a formidable lawyer and advocate. Thank you!

Delyth Thomas


Victoria, Vera, The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury, The Story of Tracy Beaker

AI have known and worked with Amanda over many years and her tenacity and attention to detail plus her sense of what is right, combine to give you the perfect advocate....for anybody. I would whole heartedly recommend her to all.

Paul Crockford

Executive & Artist Manager

Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, Tears for Fears, Level 42, Manchester United FC, Music Managers’ Forum, The Princes’s Trust.

Amanda’s curiosity and contacts book bring a completely unique strategic perspective to her work. It is astonishingly rare to find either an academic or practitioner who can peer into the deepest currents of technological and political change and find the long term trends - and share them with her network.

Andrew Orlowski

Journalist/researcher - competition policy, the philosophy of computing, behaviourism and techno-utopian cults

It's rare to meet a lawyer combining phenomenal commercial nous, venerable strategic litigation expertise with a razor-sharp instinct for media engagement. All wrapped up with warmth, charm and an acerbic wit that will have you totally in her thrall. Amanda's always utterly engaged and engaging. I couldn't have enjoyed working with her more and wholeheartedly trust her gut instinct. If you have any intellectual property rights to protect, you need her on speed-dial.

Melanie Riley

Litigation PR specialist and Director at Bell Yard Communications Ltd

No one navigates that difficult interface between creativity and business better than Amanda. I know of no one who has a greater understanding of intellectual property, the laws relating to it, and how that all may play out in the future. She is a great champion of the artist.

Richard Thompson

Singer, songwriter, guitar legend

Amanda Harcourt has acted for me, or advised me on, different matters related to intellectual property rights. She has done so with a great and relieving ability to communicate the principles of the law and its use in practice in a sometimes hostile legal environment. She never gives in.

Harry Holland


I had decided that my life would be dedicated to playing the Double-Bass with the hope that this would be my “Life”. Years later and having made it to a standard that enabled me to become a “Professional” I was advised by people in the business that I needn’t worry about publishing or royalties but to enjoy playing the music I love, and leave all that to them..….I ended up doing that and I lost thousands of pounds! This is not just a bit of MY story but one that touches many others. If I had known Amanda Harcourt those years ago I would now be receiving the full benefit of my life’s labours. She is without any doubt an exceptional lady that not only has supreme knowledge of music business affairs and more, but is a warm and friendly person of Honour and humour. If only I had known Amanda Harcourt then!..…too late for me now, but not for YOU ! Her advice is essential in securing the rights of individuals.

Danny Thompson

Master of the upright bass.